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The Alnwick Town Crier
The Goodies were for many a staple diet The trio let's face it were an absolute riot I found no week could ever be called really complete Without a good healthy dose of this absolute treat It was with a sad heart that I just read the sad news Of Tim Brooke-Taylor's demise and I now have the blues Without his great humour the world is a sadder place Against the Corona virus he has lost the race.

Did you hear the tale of a little boy who paid rapt at-

tention to his teacher? She told the story of how Eve

was created from one of Adam's ribs. A few days later

he lay in bed suffering great discomfort. When his

mother asked if he was OK she was told, 'No mum, I've

got a stomach ache. I think I'm gonna have a wife.'

UK News

Adam’s Rib

A husband and wife were suffering from a stale love

life. At the suggestion of their friend they bought a

water-bed to spice things up a bit. Unfotunately, it

didn't work as they just drifted further apart.

The Water-bed