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Relationships: Avoid holiday arguments
An unhappy 50% fell out before they'd even left home, with more than half arguing over possible destinations and 37% having a tiff over the often frustrating booking process. Money worries also cause couples to argue about their break and the lucky ones who do get away often find they're unable to switch off from work for fear of falling behind. Blackberries on the beach and work calls from the sun lounger are often a source of resentment for partners who feel their other half's work will always take priority, even on holiday. Thankfully, the online service has some tips for couples worried that excess baggage and bickering children might put a dampener on their quality time together.
* Remember the issues you face on holiday are largely the same ones you deal with at home. Expect that they'll crop up, that way they won't overshadow everything else. * Try to postpone arguments. If a conversation starts to get heated try saying something like: "If we carry on with this conversation it'll turn into an argument. Let's not spoil the day while we're on holiday. Shall we drop it for now and pick it up again once we're home?" Very few arguments suffer from being postponed; most of the time you won't care enough to revisit it at a later date. * Decide when to switch off. It's unfair on your partner to constantly check work emails while you're supposed to be spending quality time together. So switch off the Blackberry, and if you really must check in with work schedule an hour in the morning or evening to focus on it so it doesn't detract from the rest of your time together. * Schedule some me time. If you're busy at home it means you're not used to living in each other's pockets, so set some time aside when you can pursue your own interests. A morning swim or an afternoon stroll round the shops can give you some much needed space.