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World Affairs

The whole planet is now seriously askew but the fault my dear friends, is found with me and you. We choke our oceans and pollute our air. If I didn't know better, I'd say we don't care. We are too quick to curse and blame the one above accusing her unjustly, of a lack of love. Yet refusing to follow the pathway we know leads us to true freedom and allows us to grow. So it is time now to repent of our crime and that at long last is now the end of my rhyme. .


Migrant workers locked down in Singapore. Food not provided as they pace the floor. Unable to leave their dormitory, this is indeed such a tragic story. Twelve people confined in a small space, Whilst throughout it the virus does race. A pastor has now stepped up to the plate, bringing them packs of food whilst the men wait. Without such humanitarian gifts, the men would die before the virus lifts. Let's give thanks for those who help each other. Treat one another like they're your brother.