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Relationships: Dating your partner
A man, filled with romantic notions, decided to write a love letter to his wife. He became so caught up in writing on how unbearable life would be without her that he didn’t notice she had arrived home. While he continued to write page after page, listing how he was his wife’s undying servant, she cleaned the house, did the washing and cooked in the kitchen. So involved was he in composing poetic words of his wife’s incomparable beauty, he didn’t notice she had dressed- up and changed her hair. When she invited him to walk in the park and watch the sunset, her husband declined; he was far too busy writing about how he loved to spend every minute in her wonderful company. On her return, he eagerly presented her with the passionate love letter. His wife read it, gave a half smile and politely thanked him. Her husband was disappointed. He expected her to respond with romantic joy. Baffled, he asked: ‘Doesn’t my letter please you? Haven’t I written every loving thing a woman likes to hear?’ ‘Yes, it’s lovely, darling,’ she replied quietly. ‘I do appreciate your thoughts, but I would rather see your love than read about it.’
As much as we look forward our annual family breaks, sadly it's not all fun in the sun. Holidays should be a relaxing time but new statistics suggest families are struggling to cope with all that extra time together. Figures from the UK's relationship support service - theCoupleConnection.net - show an increase in demand in calls for advice after holiday periods - summer, Christmas and Easter breaks. The spike in traffic suggests holidays lead to increased stress and more arguments for families, causing them to seek relationship support to help put things right as they settle back into a routine. Research has found that two thirds of couples end up arguing once while supposedly away enjoying themselves, with one in four having lost the rag by the third day. But with British families working harder than ever throughout the year, by the time holidays come round there's high expectations for that precious time off. Already exhausted and potentially irritable, it's hardly surprising that even minor setbacks can lead to frayed tempers and the onset of arguments. While women blamed alcohol for causing arguments more than anything else, green-eyed British men claim their partner checking out potential partners on the beach was the usual trigger.
Relationships: Trouble in paradise