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The notable blues musician Robbie Reay has a number he performs during which whilst audience members are dancing, he adds the lyrics, 'how low can you go?' Upon hearing this, dancers attempt to outdo each other by gyrating as closely as they can to the floor. Thieves in Manchester have just demonstrated how low they will go. During the present pandemic, the nation is acutely aware of the NHS desperate shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment). These items are as we know essential for use whilst caring for Covid - 19 sufferers. The Daily Mirror informs us that a quantity of these items along with laptops and cash have been stolen from an NHS building in Windsor Street, Salford. This is a low that hopefully, very few of us would sink to.

Thieves in Manchester have just sunk down to a new low

And shown us the depths to which depraved people will go

Stealing protective equipment needed at this time

Is very far from being a victimless crime

The losers are nurses who care for others in need

Was this despicable crime really prompted by greed?

What motive can make a criminal sink down this deep?

A notorious crime like this makes a strong man weep.

How Low Can You Go?

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A Despicable Crime