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The Alnwick Town Crier


…I trust you are bearing up well during these difficult

times. In common with most, I look forward to a day when

normaility will return, albeit with far clener air in many of

our cities.

I am unable of course, to issue proclamations in public at

the present time. When the present crisis is past I will re-

turn to normal duties and will be happy to officiate at

your event. There is no charge for civic, charitable or com-

munity events. For private functions including, engage-

ments, weddings, births, etc. and business openings there

is a small charge of £40 per hour. For this, the host will be

presented with an antique style scroll containing a per-

sonalised proclamation in verse. This will be proclaimed

by me at a place of your choice. Please contact me for fur-

ther details.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk I stand here for you Of UK town Crier's there are now very few When there's an event that you wish to proclaim Jolly Roger - Alnwick Town Crier's the name Charges are reasonable, expenses are few Call on me please for I would love to serve you When there's an engagement, a wedding or birth I love to add humour and spread wide my mirth For a garden party, bazaar or a fair Please, just give me a call and I will be there. Wherever you may go, wherever you've been, Here is a final short prayer, 'God save the Queen'.
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk let us hear your praise. Berwick born Lucy Bronze has us in a daze. Again she has won a prestigious award. To ignore this talent we can not afford. In football this Northumbrian reigns supreme. To us earthbound mortals it seems but a dream. She set out at eight to beat her own brother, but now we're hard-pressed to find such another. God save the Queen

Jolly Roger - Alnwick Towncrier in

Alnwick Garden.