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The Alnwick Town Crier
Lifestyle: Sport - Walking
. It was a bright, sunshine filled day when we left Llandudno for our return to Conway. I suggested that it would be enjoyable to walk back. After all it was a straightforward journey, what could possibly go wrong? Yes, it was a long way but we could rest and soak in the sun if we grew weary. I knew the direction, there was a huge cliff jutting out into the ocean. Conway I surmised, must lie somewhere on the other side. We set off, chatting over sweet nothings as courting couples do. We enjoyed the sun's warming rays, the sound of waves and the seagulls circling overhead. After a while, a few clouds appeared overhead which occasionally blocked out the sun, making it somewhat cooler. Still we continued. More clouds joined the first ones. These were darker and more menacing. We quickened our pace. Ahead of us lay a small headland. I optimistically suggested, 'Conway must lie just around that cliff, we'll be back soon.' Unfortunately, once we rounded the headland, another larger one appeared. Our journey continued for several hours in a similar fashion. By now the rain was lashing down, the grey waves crashed against the cliff. There was neither shelter, nor respite from the weather until the storm finally passed. Soaked to our skins, footsore and weary, our spirits brightened when finally ahead of us we saw the first of several dwellings. We enquired of someone working in the garden, 'Is this Conway?' 'No, this is Llandudno.' We had just circumvented a huge predomitory known as the Great Orme, to find ourselves back at our starting point. Don't you find that life's journey can be like that at times? We have important lessons to learn on our path and will keep returning to the same point until finally we learn whatever lesson it has to teach us.
Lessons From The Great Orme