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Dig into gardening trends: Victory Gardens 2.0
It may seem as though younger people are somewhat less likely to be active gardeners, as 11% of the survey respondents under 35 said they've never gotten their hands dirty - as compared with only 4% of those over the age of 35. Commonly, lack of time and space are their two biggest hurdles to gardening. But many younger gardener wannabes hope to graduate from growing houseplants and succulents indoors to becoming gardeners in the future: 53% said they hoped to grow houseplants, with 58% planning to graduate to growing flowers, and over 65% planning to grow fruits and vegetables in the future. If you're thinking of taking the gardening plunge for the first time, or expanding your gardening efforts, talk to family and neighbours who have successful gardens for their advice.
Dig into gardening trends: Growing Inspiration .
The internet can be a great source of inspiration for future gardeners. While gardeners over 35 look to magazines, books and garden retailers for ideas, those under 35 largely browse Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for information and tips about developing their green thumbs. However, both groups talk to friends and family for ideas and inspiration about what, and how, to grow. For more information, tips, blogs and lots of inspiring gardening ideas, visit ngb.org.