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Dig into gardening trends: Mixed Use Gardens
Gardens past and present have served multiple purposes, and gardening with a variety of plants allows you to enjoy your space and take in the outdoors to your liking. Over 67% of respondents 35 and under shared that while they want some green lawn, they also want the rest of their yard to be planted with trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables. What does that mean for gardens of the future? They'll likely offer more variety, from the ornamental to the edible. And over 60% of gardeners of all ages want to grow pollinator-friendly plants and flowers. Look at your own yard and decide how much of it you want to dedicate to your garden and containers, or perhaps what other types of plants you could grow instead. Consider consulting a professional in your area as a resource for advice on a strategy for your space.
Dig into gardening trends: Victory Garden 2.0 .
When the Victory Garden Manual was first written in 1943, reasons to grow your own vegetables were obvious; it was wartime and food was scarce. Statistics say that in 1943, nearly 40% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. were grown in home and community victory gardens. As NGB celebrates its 100th anniversary, it seems timely to reintroduce the concept of victory gardening with quick and easy steps to plan and grow your own vegetable garden. Before digging in, it may be helpful to create a list of vegetables that your family enjoys. From there, plan your garden space and determine if you'll be planting in the ground, raised beds, containers or a combination. Don't forget to add pollinator-friendly flowers to ensure vegetables are properly pollinated, and you'll have a great start on the modern victory garden.