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Dig into gardening trends: Tips to get started .
Just like fashion, trends in gardening come and go ... and sometimes come back again. Some shifts in gardening were inspired by necessity, like the "victory gardens" of WWII for growing food during years of rationing. Others reflected societal changes, like the green lawns of the 1950s and 1960s, when families spent more time playing and entertaining in their yards than ever before. If you look further into the past, to the 1920s, you see a trend that's on the rise again - a yearning for going back to nature, celebrating a lush, green and bird-friendly environment. Those gardens overflowed with all sorts of greenery, fishponds, birdbaths and bird feeders. Today's interest in sustainable gardens offering a home for pollinators is not too different from the desire for bird watching and natural gardening of 100 years ago. A new survey by the National Garden Bureau (NGB), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, found fascinating trends among today's gardeners, both expert and novice, which may inspire ideas for your own gardens.
Dig into gardening trends: Grow to eat .
More than half (57%) of those age 35 and under said they're using their green space to grow their own food. That interest was echoed by respondents over 35, with 65% of them saying they planned to turn at least part of their future gardens into more of a food source. Many expressed interest in growing their own herbs in their kitchens, with over 65% of those 35 and under sharing plans to grow herbs indoors in the future. New to growing veggies, fruits or herbs? Consider starting seeds in your kitchen or creating a small raised garden bed outdoors. Research what grows best in your region and the most ideal time for planting. Start small, with just one or two types of plants, so you don't feel overwhelmed. And grow something you know you'll love to eat!