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The Daily Mirror asks a pertinent question. Drawing a parrellel of the situation today and of that eighty years ago it argues that more lives has been claimed at this present time than were lost during the Second World War. It points out that whilst Sir Winston Churchill was feted due to his leadership skill, the country dispensed with him when peace finally dawned. This nation had emeged with a new vision of a brighter future. People had learnt the value of comradeship and providing mutual support. Sir Winston Churchill was unable to embrace this vision due to his Tory ideals. The paper questions whether a similar situation might arise following this present panademic. Have we similarly llearnt new values that will demand different leadership than that offered by our country today?

Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk please let me spout some


And liken this crisis to the second world war.

More lives are lost each day through the present battle

than back then when people were slaughtered like


In those bleak days our people rallied around

so comfort for the dispossesed was to be found.

People's politics changed as a result of it all

and for Winston Churchill it was time for the fall.

I ask, when this pandemic has finally gone,

Will our Boris be allowed to carry on?

The Fall Guy

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