…to the first edition of ‘The Alnwick Town Crier’ compiled
and edited by Jolly Roger - the official towncrier to the small
yet historical market town of Alnwick Northumberland.
Our economy is facing a dire threat
of crippling recession and fast rising debt.
This Corona virus will soon wreak a great cost.
If we are not very careful, all will be lost.
Should we ask our youngsters to resume their work?
I'm sure if they were so challenged they would not shirk.
They are best able to battle with this virus
but there's a danger of it spreading amongst us.
These are the questions that our leaders now ask.
How would you answer if you were faced with the task?
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez
Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk let us hear your
Berwick born Lucy Bronze has us in a daze.
Again she has won a prestigious award.
To ignore this talent we can not afford.
In football this Northumbrian reigns
To us earthbound mortals it seems but a
She set out at eight to beat her own brother,
but now we're hard-pressed to find such
God save the Queen
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez
Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk now, please hear my
Of an age long past, before even G-mail
In those days there was no Facebook, YouTube
or Netflix
No one had yet heard of special effect tricks
There was no mobile phone or even TV
I hear you ask, ' now how on earth could that be?
How would people hear the news about their
It's all down my friends, to some men of renown.
Known as bell men and others as town criers,
they brought us the news and they were not
They would stand on a corner, ringing their bell,
When they woke the sleeping there was merry
In these days the skill would quite be forgotten
If not for those to whom we are begotten.
God save the Queen and the Lord of this manor.
w/c 12th April 2020
For Our Essential Workers
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez Dear citizens of all the world, please now listen to my call. This battle against the Corona we simply must not lose. Let's give thanks for all those who support our ambulance crews Let's remember every one of those who have been training To support our health service wherever it is straining The tremendous risk now taken by our refuse workers Who prove to everyone of us they simply are not shirkers, and for all our postal workers, that kind and honest breed now ready and willing to assist with such a vital need So clap loud now for the shop workers who bravely carry on One day all traces of this virus will finally be gone. God save the Queen.
Where Is God In All This?
Find Out Now Find Out Now
From our Tory leaders the orders came thick, telling us all to follow their orders right quick. Now their ruling elite have come right out to state, that we followed these orders, they do really hate. It seems we have all been too quick to stay indoors bored out of our minds and pacing our floors. Graham Brady now wants to get rid of the rules. Does he really think that he can play us for fools? We must it appears now, start back to our work even while the danger from this virus does lurk.
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Rising Costs