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The Alnwick Town Crier

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk please take time to hear my story

of a time back in our distant past filled with glory

When ferocious pagan forces held this land in their sway

A number of tribal, warrior leaders found a way

To rid the the land called Albion of those devilish hordes.

Forming a coalition of kings with brotherly cords

Known as 'The Baptised' they fought side by side a holy


Dedicated to fight for justice and aid all the poor

they tore down the pagan edifices built on high grounds.

On an Alnwick hill the loyal band found one of those


Their great dragon banner was unfurled in the dead of


the sight of which gave the enemy an unholy fright

As the fierce wind whistled it's way through the thin hol-

low shape

it created terrors that the enemy couldn't escape

In heavenly realms Saint Michael stepped on the serpent's


whilst the dark forces below were filled with such utter


The pagan army was forced to flee in mass disarray

Leaving the confederation of kings to win the day.

They then replaced the edifice with a beacon of light

which is then known as Saint Michael's to recall the hard


God save the Queen and the Lord of this manor.

The Fall Guy

Past Times: King Arthur

The Roman officer, Cunedda wore scarlet

on the occasion that he and Coel Hen first met.

He had been sent to ensure Coel would bow the knee

and pledge his full allegiance to Rome's great glory,

for Coel Hen ruled the Gododin from Yeavering Bell

and whilst Pax Romana remained all would be well.

Coel's eldest daughter was asked her hand to yield

to Cunedda, a sign that the agreement was sealed.

From their marriage union, a son soon appeared,

destined to be a leader of men, by evil ones feared.

He was known by the title ‘Arth-Ursus’ the bear. For the weak and defenceless he was known to care.

When later Cunedda's relatives begged him for aid

with their warriors, the two men the journey made

across to the west, they went to join in the fight

against Scotti warriors who were put to flight.

This was the start of a majestic migration

and the forging of what is now the Welsh nation.