…to the first edition of ‘The Alnwick Town Crier’ compiled
but now we're hard-pressed to find such
God save the Queen
They would stand on a corner, ringing their bell,
When they woke the sleeping there was merry
In these days the skill would quite be forgotten
If not for those to whom we are begotten.
God save the Queen and the Lord of this manor.
w/c 12th April 2020
© JR Promotions
ALNWICK COMMUNITY LARDER If you're passing Dorothy Perkins and glance at the phone boxes, you might notice that we now have a community larder. HOW YOU CAN HELP - If you’re able, add any spare food, toiletries or books you might have. We could also do with shopping baskets or any other containers to put food in. - If you like, take anything you’re in need of. - If you’re passing, keep an eye on things or maybe even give the surfaces a quick wipe – that’d be really helpful.