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The Alnwick Town Crier

Any modern day visitor to Budle Bay would be hard

pressed to picture the strategic importance of this de-

lightful sandflat. Home today to a wide range of wild-

fowl centuries ago it was in the 12th century ,a thriving

port. Little evidence of this remains today apart from

the delightful accomodation offered at the recently

renovated Warren Mill. There were at one time many

buildings scattered around this port. The observant vis-

itor will spot the remains of several. Further back

though, its place in history was earnt through the

major battle fought nearby in AD573.

A confederation of tribal warrior leaders, led by Urien of Rheged beseiged Saxon invaders on the nearby Holy Isle of Lindisfarne when they fled there following the battle. According to early records the seige lasted three days and three nights until it was finally broken by the treachery of Morcant, one member. Fuelled by jealously he beheaded Urien, leaving the confederation leaderless. This action led to its disintergration allowing the Saxons free to take control of the area, and eventually England itself. A further point of interest lies in the fact that Urien was widely known by the title bestowed upon him, ‘Arth-Ursus’ the bear.

Budle, a beautiful scene of tranquil delight

A haven for wildlife, a wondrous delight

Once a busy port with much activity

as galleons were loaded and went to sea.

Roman slaves worked in the surrounding farmland

for taskmasters, living in a farmstead grand.

When their had legions left, forsaking the lands

the seaways were open to marauding bands.

Angles arrived, devastating the landscape

as warriors began to pillage and rape.

The dire situation just had to be fought

A confederation was then the result

Brave warrior leaders, each from their own land

joined forces and formed a unique Christian band.

They knew it was time for this bloodshed to cease

So each king vowed that they would restore the peace.

The Angles were besieged on the Holy Isle

and peace was maintained for a very short while

Three days and three nights was the brief length of time

before a band member committed a crime.

Foul jealousy provoked Morcant, one of their own

to make a selfish bid for the earthly throne

Betraying their leader he then sliced off his head

The confederation failed with the leader dead.

Under the name 'Arth- Ursus' this leader then came

But you know he is in fact, King Arthur the same

The Fall Guy

Past Times: Budle Bay

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