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The Alnwick Town Crier

Lords, Ladies, Gentlefolk please lend me your ears.

I recount a tale of England's early years.

Gododdin was the wide area's name,

led by a great man of nursery rhyme fame.

From Yeavering Bell, Coel Hen ruled over this land

and he raised his own sons to give him a hand.

The land was divided when the aged king died

From Angles and Scots the sons refused to hide

so they formed themselves into a loyal band

to vanquish the invaders from their homeland.

The confederation were known as the baptised.

Ruled by Urien, the men fought side by side.

Because of his size, broad shoulders and dark hair

Urien was known as 'Arth' 'Ursus' - the 'bear'

The Angles were besieged on Holy Island

but jealousy arose within Urien's band.

When the brave leader down to his sleep had lain

by a treacherous hand he was evily slain.

The siege was broken and the Angles had won

before the next dawning of the rising sun.

Urien's burial mound is in Northumberland today

and can still be observed if you know the way.

Written way back in the fourteenth century,

compiled from a far more ancient history

The 'Red Book of Hergest' tells us of the very spot

But people who know it, there's now not a lot.

Aber Low where the river meets with the sea,

this is the place where Urien's burial be.

God save the Queen.

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